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A Note from Larissa Thurley
For over a decade, I've been more than just a real estate professional & trusted property committee member in the Australian market—I've been a trusted guide and advisor, helping clients navigate the complexities of property investment. My approach is similar to unraveling a mystery, where I meticulously piece together the perfect property puzzle for each client.

My expertise has not only empowered hundreds of real estate professionals with Bridge Projects Group is now available to you, offering exclusive access to hidden off-market properties across Australia. This journey is enriched by my deep connections and unique insights, shaped through partnerships with industry experts and investors.

I specialise in leveraging government schemes like the NDIS and the first home buyer scheme to your advantage, as well as providing access to lucrative ventures such as defence force housing & more. My approach is tailored, ensuring that these opportunities align with your individual goals.

Client Testimonial: "With Larissa's guidance, we navigated the real estate market with ease and found our dream home. Her insight into first home buyer scheme & pathways to home ownership turned what we thought was impossible into a reality." – Jane and David

I believe in a real estate experience that combines comprehensive market knowledge, an exclusive property network, and candid, clear advice. Whether you're a seasoned investor or a first-time buyer, I'm committed to shedding light on the best opportunities and guiding you towards confident, informed decisions.

Let's simplify the complexities of real estate together. I invite you to start your journey with me, where my expertise becomes your advantage in making the right property choices.


- Larissa Thurley, Australian Property Expert

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In today's dynamic Australian real estate landscape, more people are turning to property specialists for an essential reason: the complexity and competitiveness of the market demand insider knowledge, strategic guidance, and access to hidden opportunities. Property specialists offer these advantages, helping clients navigate through the maze of market trends, legalities, and financial considerations. Their expertise in uncovering off-market properties, maximising government incentives, and crafting bespoke investment strategies, transforms property acquisition from a daunting challenge into a rewarding, financially sound journey. As the market evolves, the role of a property specialist becomes not just beneficial, but indispensable for those looking to make informed, lucrative property decisions. Here is how we help:

Nationwide Property Sourcing 

Explore properties across Australia with our tailored sourcing service. We provide expert guidance, from urban areas to remote locations, ensuring you find the perfect match for your lifestyle and preferences.

New Build Specialist

Navigate the new build market with ease. Our consultancy connects you with top builders and developers, offering insights into the best developments and ensuring a seamless purchase of your new home.

NDIS Consulting

& Property Coaching

Partner with us for strategic property investment coaching and consultation, in collaboration with expert financial planners. Whether you're starting out or expanding your portfolio, our advice is tailored to ensure your investments grow.

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